1995 - $380,000 for death of nursing home patient after failure to recognize and treat meningitis.

1996 - 28.6 million verdict for man paralyzed as a result of inappropriate pain management therapy.

1997 - $550,000 for amputation and serious burns as a result of defective fuel pump following auto accident.

1997 - $200,000 verdict for woman blinded in one eye after surgeon punctured retina during surgery to correct crossed eyes.

1997 - $225,000 settlement for 18 year old woman who suffered a perforated bowel during surgery to correct endometriosis.

1997 - $2,950,000 settlement for woman suffering a permanent, disabling injury to her leg as a result of complications from severed iliac artery during lumbar surgery.

1999 - confidential settlement for death of 19 year old woman from a failure to diagnose pulmonary embolism.

1999 - confidential settlement in death of 40 year old man from failure to diagnose cancer.

2000 - $8,375,000 settlement for birth injury as a result of failure to properly assess fetal monitor resulting in quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

Pending - Death of 63 year old man from fall at construction site as a result of missing railings on stairways.

Pending - 63 year old man requiring amputation as a result of negligence in improperly applying cast to broken leg.

Pending - Birth injury as a result of failure to perform C-section resulting in left arm paralysis.

Pending - 45 year old man with permanent shoulder injury as a result of failure to diagnose fracture.


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